Friday, November 21, 2008

Creativity is where you find it

I twisted my ankle pretty severely last weekend, and other than the effect of setting back my training for PF Chang's half marathon (can I still go sub 2:00?), it's had a negative impact on my creativity. Why? Because going out for a run or a bike ride always seems to be the best way for me to come up with good ideas. I always think of clever headlines and story leads out in the great wide open. Even a good, long walk would be nice. Being stuck at a desk reminds me of the bad old corporate days.

I wonder if that's a primary reason that creatives chafe at being in a "regular" office environment--you can't free the mind without freeing the body. Even with Nerf basketball hoops and chair races down the hallways, that always struck me as a bit artificial. (On the other hand, I do remember fondly the golf tournaments we used to have at Golf Illustrated.)

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