Wednesday, May 27, 2009

One person's "negotiation" is another person's head banging against the wall

After dealing with a few hours' worth of idiocy and bureaucracy unrelated to work, I needed a laugh today. This was just the ticket: The Vendor-Client Relationship in Real World Situations. Disclaimer: Mercifully, this doesn't resemble any of my existing clients, only the ones I've cut loose, never to be heard from again...


  1. Changing my house insurance for the big move was a huge headache. I spent, no joke, a combination of about 7 hours on the phone. How am I supposed to know what year the wiring was changed? Yeesh!

    I do freelance now and again, and I've always wondered if full-time freelancers feel more disconnected from the crazy-client chaos. Or is it just as frustrating to feel like you're on a copy carousel of changes?

  2. I can't say I speak for all freelancers, but I personally consider disconnection one of the great pleasures, though tinges of it arise here and there.

    But the more important aspect is that you ultimately end up working only with people that you genuinely like and enjoy. (Whereas in my last corporate gig, I did not get a choice of which accounts I worked on...and I truly deeply loathed several of them. And I'm sure they hated me for being a stubborn, defiant SOB that wasn't good enough at smooching their hindquarters.) Perhaps it's a bit like being a parent, where you accept the occasional sleepless night, dirty diaper or what have you, because it's all good in the end.

    Does that sound too Pollyanna-ish?