Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Welcome to 1984, but lamer

My 8th grade daughter came home from school the other day and informed us that they're not allowed to use the word "dice" in school anymore. In a political-correctness-run-amok moment, they're now known as "number cubes."

I wish I were joking. I am not.

Heck, by the time I was in 7th grade, my dad and I had a weekly nickel-dime-quarter poker game with my best friend and his dad, and I have taught my kids everything I know about poker, blackjack and craps strategy. Indeed, I consider it one of my core parental responsibilities, based on the old gambling saying that "If you're at the table for 5 minutes and can't spot the sucker, it's you." As in cards, so in life.

And if the schools believe that they're somehow going to deter kids from gambling with a P.C. word construction as lame as "number cubes," they are simply delusional. Ignorance is not strength, no matter what the Ministry of Truth might want you to believe.


  1. That is so lame. So, does that mean that years from now "dice" will be a forgotten word? You'll only read about "dice" in old books? Stupid.

  2. I'd love to have been in the committee meeting where this was decided.

  3. My kids already kick my ass at Uno. I'm scared to play hearts with them, no less poker.

  4. While we're at it, I'm thinking maybe Life should be banned, since the cheesy little spinner thing might get kids addicted to roulette.