Saturday, January 17, 2009

"Mind if I plug in?"

The security lines at Sky Harbor were so slow that I didn't get a chance to eat before hopping on my flight. When I got into Las Vegas, I decided I'd grab a bite at a restaurant and check my email before heading to the Strip.

A few minutes after I booted up, a 50-ish lady comes over to me from her table, extending a white USB drive at arm's length. "Do you mind if I plug this into your USB port to charge it?" she asks. I couldn't even respond verbally, but apparently the look of utter, abject horror that crossed my face was enough of an answer.

"Yeah, that's probably not a good idea, is it? Sorry to bother you," she says, as I choked out a mumbled response to the effect of no big deal, I was about to shut down anyway.

You can draw your own conclusions about what, if anything, could be in someone's head before asking to engage in, um, let's just call it intimate USB relations with a total stranger. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, indeed.


  1. Hi Jake - saw the URL for your blog in your e-mail to me so hopped on over here. Hope you don't mind.

    This situation is too funny... I'd probably have about the same reaction if asked.


  2. Vegas Huh? Something about a robe and a bar...

  3. Hi Jake: Interesting anecdote; she probably was a hooker