Friday, June 26, 2009

Just enough time for a quickie

For the weekend, I'm recommending a visit to design legend Milton Glaser's "Ten Things I Have Learned," part of a speech he delivered to the AIGA back in 2001. I remember seeing the text of it back then...and was thrilled to rediscover it yesterday.

A tip o' the cap to Rob Haggart at A Photo Editor and Tim Gruber at Waitin' on a Moment for the original and their riffs on it, and to Phoenix photographer Ken Easley, who pointed me to their blogs. So, an essay by a graphic designer, tipped off by a trio of photographers to a writer. That fits nicely into my Grand Creative Convergence Theory--that is, anybody who's selling a piece of their grey matter for a living has an enormous amount in common.

A busy day and an abbreviated one, since we're off to Nova Scotia for the Not Since Moses 10k Run/Walk--across a tidal flat to an island in the Bay of Fundy, where the tides rise 30-plus feet in 6 hours. Incentive to make haste, eh?

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