Thursday, September 10, 2009

Search me

Took a quick cruise through my Google Analytics to assess what topics drove the most traffic over the summer. No big surprise that six-figure freelancing and mommy blogging were among the leaders, though I confess that's a tad disheartening; I was attempting to inject some realism into a get-rich-quick world. Then again, who am I to dash the hopes of boxer-short billionaires and tighty-whitey titans?

I had to chuckle at the fact that the Sons of Maxwell "United Breaks Guitars" video delivered a real spike. (Even though I'd used it as a jumping-off point to discuss customer service, I'm sure googlers were a bit baffled to end up on a blog discussing freelancing and small business topics.) On the other hand, it seems as good a time as any to link to their second video--which features a catchy singalong hook, guys in lederhosen, and a white van with UNITED duck-taped on every side:
United Breaks Guitars: Song 2


  1. Ack! I have a confession to make! I always type in "Jake's Take Freelance" when searching for your site--else some other long list of Jakes comes up. I should just bookmark everything!

    I've always wondered if I messed up your stats that way...

  2. Ha! No, I don't really pay attention to those types of searches, anything with "jake" or "take," or the random pings for "samosas" from a post earlier this year. (Again, I can only imagine the person's utter disappointment that this is not a site devoted to deep-fried Middle Eastern meat pastries.)

    For the record, the easiest thing is to bookmark the RSS feed with the "Wanna Subscribe" button in the right-hand column. I follow a lot of blogs, and feeds are a real timesaver, plus it indicates whenever someone puts up a new post.

  3. Oops, I mean the "Atom" feed, with the little orange square. Depending on your browser, you might have one of the little feed squares in your address bar. Atom and RSS accomplish the same thing.

  4. The second song isn't as strong as the first one, but still pretty funny. Anyone else think the guy looks like Luke Wilson?

  5. I just had a related thing happen at Freelance-Zone...for some strange reason a post I wrote a while back (Music As Muse) had a mad search run from people in the UK. And it was on my image tag: music notes. I'm sure they were disappointed to find a freelance writing blog instead...but who knows?