Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Announcing Freelance Forecast 2010

The Freelance Forecast 2010 surveys have closed, and the results have been posted at DoctorFreelance.com.

If you'd like to participate in next year's survey, there is an easy email signup box in the right sidebar of the Dr. Freelance page.


  1. Hi Jake,
    I was forwarded the survey from a freelance mailing list I'm on, and I took it. Thanks for making this data available.

    If I may make a request - I would love to see more granularity in the 2010 report. Of new freelancers, how many said that taxes were their most hated issue? Of those with 10+ years of experience, what was the average hourly rate? I get the feeling you're doing this with very little outside help, and want to make it clear that I really appreciate the opportunity to take this survey and see the results, but if it is possible to see some more detailed, er, detail, I would appreciate it. And if you want a volunteer to help sort data, count me in. Really.

  2. Thanks for your note, Rachel. Truth be told, I didn't really have enough data the first year to make such breakouts worthwhile. The cool news is that I've already gotten more freelancer responses in just 4 days than I got in more than a month last time. It would be spectacular if each freelancer would encourage a client or two to participate (*hint hint*). That would benefit everyone and make for a far richer data set.

    If you're serious about volunteering to help, drop me a line at Jake (at) BoomvangCreative (dot) com

  3. I sent the survey info to some of my clients and hopefully they will ring in. :) Also, will post on Freelance-Zone.com on Wed next week. (The blog will automatically update the info to Twitter and Facebook, so you'll be on there too)
    All the best!~