Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Arizona Dust

I'm taking a break from loading the trailer while a snowstorm drops the first of 30 centimeters on us. My computer will get boxed next, so this will be my last post till I hit the road in the morning.

Yes, our Canadian tour of duty is complete and it's time to head Phoenixward. Too many thoughts rattling around in my head to do any of them justice, so I'll let Blue Rodeo, a quintessentially Canadian band, handle the outro for me. Their lyric--"As I’m eating Arizona dust/And wishing I was home"--testifies to the power of returning to the places that make you happy, even if they're not the same for each of us (and occasionally 180 degrees different).


  1. Ah, Blue Rodeo. Dated a Canadian who loved them. Got rid of the guy, but kept the music. Good tunes. Welcome bro-in-law lives there. Must visit soon.

  2. Hey adchick--always thought it curious how some exes ruin certain pieces of music forever, others don't. Not sure if it's more dependent on the ex or the tune, or something outside of both.

    If you happen to be out Phoenix way, definitely drop me a line!