Friday, April 2, 2010

9 secrets to becoming Superclient

(OK, maybe "Superclient" is a bit strong, but at least a client who makes us creatives super happy and therefore super productive. And that's what you want, isn't it?)

The always-entertaining Ad Chick runs a little ad agency in Hooterville, U.S.A., and her Wednesday post, "Being a good client" hits the mark on a number of levels. I found it particularly interesting that it was driven by a client 1) realizing that they had been Behaving Badly and 2) wanting to turn that around. In all my years, I've never heard of that before.

For me, Ad Chick's list underscores the importance of respect and trust in the client-vendor relationship. (It's also a good reminder for those of us who put on the client hat when we sub out work to other solo entrepreneurs.) Not only is it more productive that way, it's a helluva lot more fun.


  1. Jake: I'm blushing! But seriously, I got tired of dancing around clients. Bottom line is honesty. For me it's brutal honesty-I'm pretty direct. But then I'm in a small market. Like me or hate me, I'll give it to you straight and I think clients really do appreciate that. And I think they know I truly do want them to be successful. And, after all, if they could do it, they wouldn't be asking you!

  2. It can feel a bit scary to be honest, particularly in the early days when you'd like to pretend that no one has any faults (and that any slip-up could cost you the gig). Such are relationships, client-vendor, male-female, or whatever your particular brand of vodka is. Yet time has a way of getting such things out on the table, like 'em or not...

  3. I like that you mentioned trust. I think most people can agree on respect as a basic precept of any relationship, but once money comes into a transaction, trust is often replaced by wariness and cynicism. I know I am guilty of this myself and I am often frustrated by skittish (dare I say paranoid?) clients.