Monday, April 19, 2010

Paging Dr. Freelance

I've been populating content into a separate blogging project for a while, and it's high time to release it into the wild:

I receive thought-provoking questions on a regular basis from a variety of colleagues, friends and over-the-transom folks, and I thought that an advice column for freelancers (or for clients with questions about working with their creative independent contractors) would be the ideal format to amplify that. The healthcare theme, ripe with metaphors of diagnosis, sickness, healing and wellness, seemed just goofy enough to be perfect for me.

And my parents always wanted me to be a doctor.

I'll still be posting regularly here at Jake's Takes, continuing to focus on my usual "business anecdotes with a moral" theme.


  1. Hmmm, I believe I was one of those people with questions for you once. What a great idea.

    "Paging Dr. Freelance" sounds like it should lead to a radio show...

  2. Thanks, Valerie. I love challenging questions, and it honestly helps me understand why I do what I do.

    Wait a the radio idea a subtle way of telling me "you've got a face for radio"? :)