Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Freelance lemmings go Komando

I've never been a Kim Komando fan--too much Microsoft cheerleading, and computer talk makes for crappy radio regardless--but there's no question that she's succeeded in carving out a lucrative geek niche.

However, I darn near puked on my dashboard this morning as I pulled into the parking lot for a meeting, and a new radio ad piped through my speakers: Komando is now shilling for Associated Content and Helium, content mills extraordinaire, as a way for aspiring writers to Get Published!!! and Get Paid!!!

Mind you, I am a red-blooded capitalist. Frankly, I don't give a damn about the existence of the content mills, because they're so far from providing quality that I don't consider myself to be in the same business. And I don't begrudge Komando's ability to leverage her "personality" into a payday.

I just hope all of her fanboy/fangirl lemmings realize what they're getting into before they jump the cliff & quit their day jobs to augment the country's already scary unemployment numbers become professional writers. The ad should really come with a Surgeon General's warning rather than "America's Digital Goddess's" seal of approval.


  1. Freelance lemmings. I like it!

  2. Kim Komando...I had never heard of her. I think Rush Limbaugh would be more entertaining. All Geek Radio. Yuk. Yeah, everyone can be a star, just like Kim!

  3. I believe she got her start out here in AZ, so I've known about her for years. It's one of those weekend shows that I'll accidentally hit when I'm doing yardwork and QUICKLY change the dial to something--anything!!!--else.